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Save up to 60% on your Credit Card Debt

It may be tempting to continue to use the credit cards that you've paid off. This is one of the reasons why debt consolidation is not a cure for credit problems. In fact, it could actually make problems worse, by allowing a person to get into more debt than they started with. This may cost more overall in the long run. Even though the monthly payments and interest rate might be lower, you can end up with a longer-term loan in which you end up paying even more interest. If you don't end up using the extra monthly savings to pay off your loan (and perhaps even if you do), it could take you longer to get out of debt.

If you go the route of a home equity loan, the lower interest rate that comes from listing your home as security might not be that beneficial if you default on your loan and lose your home. One Payment. In some cases, it can be beneficial to pay off smaller loans with higher-interest rates first. You don't have that option if you've lumped all your debt into a single loan, that's if you even qualify for this program. It's possible that with so much debt, you may not qualify for an additional loan. Or, if you do qualify, the interest rate may be much higher.

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