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Debt Settlement

Consumer Services handles all the hassles of Debt.

Debt Settlement is an aggressive form of debt relief designed to get your people out of debt in an average of 24 -48 months. Debt Settlement is a legitimate way of solving a debt problem without the need for bankruptcy. We work each case individually to determine a your eligibility and, if you qualify, you will establish a program that allows repayment of the debt through one low monthly payment which is set aside in savings, ultimately allowing the you to regain control of your debt. Our approach assists people by reducing the time to repay the debt and by lowering the total amount they owe substantially (average 38% at time of settlement). Creditors are willing to negotiate a debt with us with the understanding that the settlement amount will be paid in a timely manner.

How It Works

As you raise money in your specialty account, our negotiators work on settling each account one by one.

When there is enough money in the account for a resolution, the negotiator will work on a resolution with that creditor. The negotiators are trained in knowing which accounts to settle first. Each case is different. Once an account is settled, the balance in the account will decrease nearing zero and the client will continue to raise money for the next account. This procedure is continued until all accounts are settled.

Debt settlement is by far the most sought after alternative to bankruptcy. It is a debt relief option where the creditor accepts a lower amount from the debtor which is considered full payment of the obligation. Since debt settlement rids you of your obligations almost at a qualifying amount, it can be a good strategy to adopt if you are in huge debts.

The clear cut advantages of debt settlement are as follows:

You pay less

Settlement of debts is primarily reached through an untiring negotiation process. If done efficiently, negotiation can lower your payable amount even up to 60% of the total debt amount. Debt settlement usually offers you flexible payment arrangements. Once the settlement amount is determined, you can either pay it in a lump sum or in reasonable installments.

Settlement makes you debt-free faster

Debt settlement is always preferred to paying minimum payments on debt accounts because the latter will only delay your repayment, whereas settlement will fix your payable amount once and for all. With debt settlement you are likely to become debt free within much faster. If you make you payment in lump sum, you will become debt free at once and if you go for installments, you will take a maximum of 1 to 3 years to get over with your settlement.

You avoid the bankruptcy peril

Debt settlement can be a logical alternative to bankruptcy, especially if you are in overwhelming debt and cannot afford to pay off your obligations in full.

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