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How will this affect my credit?

Debt resolution can have a negative effect on your credit. How severe your credit will be affected depends on your situation prior to enrolling . As settlements are paid, you will receive documents showing that the creditor has been paid and the account is at a zero balance. As your accounts are settled and your debt ratio improves, your credit rating will begin to re-establish, provided that the rest of your credit is clean. The main focus of our program is getting you out of debt as soon as possible.

Do I have to stop paying my creditors?

We can’t tell you to stop paying your creditors. However, we can tell you that this program is designed for people in financial hardship. If you feel that you can continue to pay your creditors, then you will probably not qualify for these programs. Remember, the creditors are willing to negotiate with the understanding that you are unable to fulfill your original agreement.

Can I do this myself?

Yes, you can do this yourself, but keep in mind that our negotiators are required to undergo hours of in house training and become certified before working with your creditors. They put together a strategy specifically designed for your situation. One of our experienced negotiators will be in contact with your creditors to give them the attention that they require. With our knowledge of the industry, we know how to get quick results at the lowest possible cost!

Why go with you?

Our job is to relieve you of any unnecessary stress from your creditors and collectors and settle your debt at the deepest possible discounts. Our trained and certified negotiators are able to do this by negotiating in volume with your creditors/collectors. Our company is also a proud member of TASC, USOBA, Chamber of Commerce, etc. (if applicable).

Do you have a Guarantee?

We can’t guarantee success in all cases for the simple fact that our customers are sometimes faced with additional financial hardships while enrolled in our program that are beyond our control. In addition, some of the program’s success is based on our client’s ability to follow our direction. When a customer follows our instruction the program is typically successful.

What happens if I receive a summons while in your program?

If you are one of the very few clients who actually receive a summons while in our program, you will be advised to send a copy of the summons to your assigned account manager immediately. If you request it, a lawyer in your area will then provide you with free legal advice, while one of our experienced negotiators works toward a settlement. If you have the Enhanced Legal Services provided by the Law Firm, we will put you in touch with a attorney who will help you determine the best course of action for your situation. Another company told me they could settle for a lower percentage... Many companies tend to quote the settlement percentage based on your balance after the accumulation of fees and interest. Here at our company, we quote based on your original balance prior to interest and late fees. This is typically thousands less than other companies in our space!

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